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Embu Water and Sanitation Company Limited is your local water company. 

As a customer of EWASCO, you’re in the company of approximately 22,000 people in our communities who, like you, depend on us to provide clean, safe, reliable and affordable water service. We know just how far water reaches into your daily life, and we’re committed to making sure your water is accessible and meets or surpasses quality standards.

Helping you is our number one priority and we take pride in providing you with peace of mind with round-the-clock customer service and easy-to-use resources such as online bill payment capabilities, tools to view your water usage, turning your water on or off and reporting emergencies.




If you’re building a new home, office block or factory, or moving into existing premises, you’ll need to know how to apply for water and sanitation connections.

If you have bought or moved into an existing property, the account must be transferred to your name.

  • The customer (property owner) goes to the customer care desk and requests and fills in forms for a new connection.
  • Documents required are an I.D copy,KRA Pin Copy,Copy of Title Deed and Copy of Candastral Map .
  • If the person applying is not the owner e.g. a company, then the company registration documents will also be required, alternatively power of attorney.
  • Customer care officer will then get an invoice depending on the situation. Details are listed in the table below.
  • Upon receipt of the invoice, Customer care officer will notify the customer to make payment for the connection.
  • Once payment is made Customer care officer will send a notification (Service Request) to the technician to install the meter within the shortest time possible..



You have a right to high-quality drinking water every time you turn on your tap. Our employees conduct an extensive treatment and monitoring program to ensure your water meets all state and federal drinking water regulations. Our water quality reports will help you learn more about water quality in your area.

Good water service goes beyond providing high-quality water. Whether we are starting up service, providing bill payment options, or helping you to understand your responsibilities regarding your internal plumbing and meter accessibility, our goal is to keep you informed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


If you have questions about your rights and responsibilities as a customer, please contact our Customer Service Center at +254-729126908/ +254-729127437/ +254-179127434.


About Us - Our Services Charges:





Exhauster Services Sewer Foreman 48 Hours

a) Kshs. 5,000 per load within Embu town


b)Kshs. 7,000 per load within 35 KM radius of Embu Town


c) Kshs. 10,000 per above 35 Km radius of Embu town

Payment Receipt
Meter Testing Head of Metering 72 Hours kshs. 500 Payment Receipt
Water Charge

1)Family Bank

2)Posta Agent


4)Post Bank

  Minimum Charge kshs. 260 Payment Receipt


Connection of New contrract

Water Superintendent 24 Hours Kshs. 500 Payment Receipt
Application Form Cashier 1 Day Kshs. 100 Payment Receipt
Labour Charge Water Superintendent 24 Hours Kshs. 450 Payment Receipt
Illegal Connection Water Superintendent 24 Hours

1) Labour Charge Kshs. 900


2) Illegal Charge Kshs. 15,000


3) 1.5 Times the Average consumption from when connected

Payment Receipt
New Connection

1) Accountant

2)Technician in Charge

2 Weeks

a) Labour Charge Kshs. 450


b) Water Deposit (Per Category)

1) I.D copy

2)KRA Pin Copy

3)Copy of Title Deed

4)Copy of Candastral Map

5)Assesment of fittings by Technical Officer

6)Payment Receipts

Exhauster Dumping Charges Sewer Foreman Monthly Kshs. 15,000 Payment Receipt






Contact Information


P.O Box 2142 60100 Moteero Road
Embu, Kenya
Phone: (+254) 068 2231156


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We offer the best water and sanitation services but at low charges.


A customer account is due for disconnection after failure to pay the bill for consecutive months.

All customers are requested to be paying their water bills before the due date.