EWASCO has a unitary Board, which consists of Executives and Non-Executive Directors. The Board is chaired by , Mr Joel Ngatiari. The Board meets regularly (at least quarterly) and retains full control over the Company. The Board remains accountable to Embu County Government, the sole shareholder, and to its stakeholders, the citizens of Embu.


The Board and Senior Management ensure that there is full material compliance with all relevant legislation. The Company Secretary has certified in terms Act's that all statutory returns have been submitted to the Registrar of Companies.

The Board or any of its members may, in appropriate circumstances and at the expense of the company, obtain the advice of independent professionals.




The role of the Board of Directors (BOD) is to provide policy guidelines in the management of the Company. The Board has the responsibility to establish and maintain full and effective control over the strategic, financial and operational direction of the Company as well as ensuring compliance to policies and procedures.

The Board has the power to establish appropriate committees to enable it discharge its role effectively. Some of these committees include:

  1. Technical Committee;
  2. Finance and Administration Committee; and
  3. Audit Committee.



The Managing Director (MD) of the company has the responsibility of ensuring proper and efficient management of the day-to-day operations of EWASCO under the policy guideline of the Board of Directors. The responsibilities of the MD will be to:

  1. Ensure that water and sewerage services are provided efficiently and effectively.
  2. Interpret and implement the decisions of the Board;
  3. Ensure that EWASCO adheres to the Service Provision Agreement (SPA);
  4. Oversee the formulation and implementation of appropriate policies and procedures within the Company;
  5. Ensure regular and accurate preparation of financial and other reports to various stakeholders;
  6. Provide organizational leadership and supervision of all departments in order to achieve the Company’s mandate; and
  7. Spearhead various Company initiatives.



In order to achieve the goals identified in this strategic plan, various functional groupings have been identified to focus on various core activities. The main functional groups are:


Finance and Administration Department.

The department will oversee:

  1. Finance unit;
  2. Commercial Unit;
  3. Human Resource and Administration Unit;
  4. ICT Unit; and
  5. Procurement Unit.


Technical Department.

The department will oversee:

  1. Production Unit;
  2. Operations Unit;
  3. Planning Unit; and
  4. GIS Unit.


Internal Audit Department.

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P.O Box 2142 60100 Moteero Road
Embu, Kenya
Phone: (+254) 068 2231156


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