Supplier relationships are managed by our procurement team, which ensures that what we buy represents the best value in terms of cost, quality, service and innovation.

Developing strong relationships with suppliers helps ensure that suppliers essential to our operations are sustainable, that contracts are fair and that the business we conduct together is mutually beneficial.

We have Corporate Citizenship with Suppliers programme. With reference to external codes, we set out the standards we expect of suppliers in the areas of business ethics, human rights and environmental management. These standards are being incorporated into criteria for evaluating new suppliers. With existing suppliers, we prioritize those of high value or high risk and assess them to ensure they have the necessary policies in place. If they are non-compliant, our procurement team will offer support to improve their performance and help them work towards achieving minimum standards.


Embu Water and Sanitation Company invites qualified firms for the following:






Tender No.



1 EWASCO/2016-2017/228 Supply of uPVC Pipes and fittings Open


Supply of HDPE Pipes, PPR Pipes and fittings


3 EWASCO/2016-2017/230 Supply of GI Pipes and Fittings Open
4 EWASCO/2016-2017/231 Supply of clean Water Meters and Strainers Open
5 EWASCO/2016-2017/232 Supply of Water Meter Spare Parts Open
6 EWASCO/2016-2017/233 Supply of Water Treatment Chemicals Open
7 EWASCO/2016-2017/234 Provision of Medical Insurance for a period of 2 years. Open
8 EWASCO/2016-2017/235 Provision of Security Services for a period of 2 years. Open
9 EWASCO/2016-2017/236 Supply of Laboratory Equipment and Reagents Open
10 EWASCO/2016-2017/237 Supply of Office Stationery , Tonners, and Plotter Inks Reserved
11 EWASCO/2016-2017/238 Supply of Computer Hardware, Computers, Printers, UPS, Laptops, Software’s and Antivirus and other accessories. Reserved
12 EWASCO/2016-2017/239 Supply of Motor vehicle Tyres, tubes and vehicle accessories Open
13 EWASCO/2016-2017/240 Supply of Building Materials to various sites within Embu e.g sand, ballast, stones etc Reserved
14 EWASCO/2016-2017/241 Supply of Motorcycles as per specifications Open
15 EWASCO/2016-2017/242 Supply of Motorcycle Spare parts e.g Tyres, Tubes, Batteries, etc Open
16 EWASCO/2016-2017/243 Supply Riding gears and protective clothing Reserved
17 EWASCO/2016-2017/244 Supply of Hardware materials and Tools eg cement, steel bars, paint etc Open
18 EWASCO/2016-2017/245 Supply of Fuel, Oil and Lubricants Open
19 EWASCO/2016-2017/246 Repair of Vehicles ( Approved Dealers )  
20 EWASCO/2016-2017/247 Supply of GIS Equipments eg GPS and Large format paper scanner Open
21 EWASCO/2016-2017/248 Supply of Uniforms, dustcoats and overalls and related items. Reserved
22 EWASCO/2016-2017/249 Supply of Tools and Workshop Equipment Open


Reserved: Reserved for the Youth, Women and Persons with Disability
Open: Open to all bidders





23 EWASCO/2016-2017/250 Registration of Suppliers Open


Suppliers are requested to check the website, www.embuwater.co.ke and apply for registration in the various categories listed as follows:

(a) Categories Open to All Bidders

(b) Categories reserved for the Youth, Women and Persons with Disability

Firms that were registered in the 2016/2017 need not apply-The firms are listed the website.


Prospective bidders may download the tender documents FREE OF CHARGE from the Embu Water and Sanitation Company Ltd Website www.embuwater.co.ke.


Tenders in sealed envelopes bearing the correct tender number should be deposited in the Tender Box located in our head office located off Embu Meru road, Embu town next to the Kenya National Library or sent by post to :


Head, Supply Chain management Services,
Embu Water and Sanitation Company Limited,
P.O Box 2142-60100, EMBU
Tel: 068-2231156

To be received by 2nd June , 2017 at 12.00 noon. Tenders will be opened the same day and time in the Company’s Boardroom in the presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to attend.
Bidders who download the tender documents from the website MUST forward the following particulars immediately via email to procurement@embuwater.co.ke :

  1. Name of Firm,
  2. Postal Address,
  3. Telephone Number,
  4. Email Address,
  5. Tender Number,
  6. Tender Name.

Contact Information


P.O Box 2142 60100 Moteero Road
Embu, Kenya
Phone: (+254) 068 2231156
E-mail: info@embuwater.co.ke


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